love story

She was staring right into my eyes. Never have I ever felt this way. It was like she could see right through me. Like she understood everything I was going through. She stared at me with those brown soft eyes, and I knew that everything was okay.


I had known her my entire life. She had been my best friend since kindergarten, but it was just now I realized what I was feeling. I love this girl. No one can ever know this. If she finds out this whole friendship will be over. I can’t risk that.


I kept quiet for a year. But things got tense. I tried keeping distance from her, and we often ended up in fights because of this. She had no idea of what I was feeling, and I was going to keep it this way.


One sad morning it was all over. It had all reached the point where she had gotten sick of me keeping distance. This was it, I had to tell her. I knocked on her front door and gathered all the courage I could. When she came out I told her. I told her why I was keeping distance and I told her how much I liked her.


Now we never spend a day apart from each other. It seemed that once I opened up about my feelings to her, she had the guts to do the same to me. Now we are married with three children.

Dear Abha

Dear Abha,

I must write to you, because no one else listens to me. Everyone is driving me crazy. My wife does not listen to me, and she is being disrespectful. She does not value my religion and that is influencing my children.


My oldest son was supposed to get married but he refused. He is a disgrace to my family. I am ashamed. He does not live with us anymore. I tell people that he is dead, because that is what he is to me. My other children are following in his footsteps, those bloody bastards. I am so bloody angry. I hit my wife today out of anger. She deserved it. Maybe I will come live with you in Pakistan. I can help out the family.


Thank you for reading, maybe I will see you soon.


Dear Mr. Trump,

I want to congratulate you. You are now not only the president of the USA, but you are also the most powerful man in the world. And as they say: with great power comes great reasonability. As too for now, you have come up with extreme ideas that you are planning to become reality. You cannot build a wall that separates Mexico form the US, only because you believe that they are rapist. You cannot refuse Muslims to immigrant.  And you cannot only think about yourself.

You see, Mr. Trump, not everything revolves around you. You do not longer have responsibility for yourself. You have responsibility for everyone. Even us in little Norway. Whatever you do has an impact on us.

So dear Mr. President,

Before you make any changes; think about the consequences, that my only advise.


Sincerely, Marthe




Increasing vocabulary of a foreign language


I would say that the best way to increase your foreign language vocabulary, would be to read. You´ve probably heard this a hundred of times before, but reading is a good way to sneak in new words into your vocabulary. The best kind of reading would be to find a book you really like and read it.


Another way of increasing your vocabulary is to watch movies or TV-series. When you are watching a movie you learn how the different words are pronounced. You also find new words that may not be used in written form, but rather in oral speech.      emert-talking

Humans of Oslo

Today we walked around in Oslo, interviewing strangers in English. At first I was kind of scared, but once we started talking to the people I liked it. We met a lot of nice people, and heard a lot of interesting stories. This is undoubtedly something I want to do again.


What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done to you?

My son is very sick, and hospitalized. He is going to need an expencive surgery if he is going to keep living. That1s a surgery that i can’t afford.  One day at work I was feeling down, and this man asks me what’s wrong. I told him about my son, and he ended up giving me a lot of money in tip so I could afford the surgery. That is probably the nicest thing someone has ever done for me.

A place that I admire.

This is a city full of people. In fact, there are more than 26,000 people living in each square mile. About 1 in every 38 people living in the United States resides in this city. The city I am writing about is known for several things, for instance is it called “The City that never sleeps”, and this is because of the high skyscrapers, covered in commercials, that light up the city.the_city_that_never_sleeps_1044


Hello, my name is Marthe. I am 15 years old, and live in Bærum, more specifically, Kolsås. I have one sibling, whose name is Stian, and he is eighteen years old. I live with my mother, father and brother. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends. I also like to dance ballet, jazz and contemporary jazz. I just started at Sandvika vgs, and so far I love it. The teachers seem really good, and the students are very nice. I believe that it´s easier to make friends at vgs, because everyone is convinced on meeting new people.


Something that is very important for me is that the people around me are happy. I can´t stand seeing my friends hurt. Family and friends are two of the most important things for me, and it´s just as important to me that they are happy. Whether they have gone trough a tough time, or are just having a bad day.


My impression of the Norwegian teenager life is that it´s very good. Compared to other countries, we basically get every thing placed right in front of us. We never face difficulties as starvation and poverty. We are somehow doomed to success. It´s like we won the lottery just by being born in Norway, and somehow many are still ungrateful. I could not be happier to be a Norwegian teenager.